January 14, 2008

just a little something....

I check this blog daily to see all the kind words people leave in memory of my sister. I still struggle everyday with everything, but slowly I am healing.

I think about her laugh and it brings a smile to my face.

I think about all the times I talked to her and about all the questions she asked and i felt embarrassed to answer them but did because I knew she wouldn't judge me.

All my memories of her are always on my mind, like when i was 8 and she caught me doing something wrong and would TALK to me about it and help me understand why it was wrong.

When we went to robbers cave and she would climb the rocks with her little sisters and snap pictures and we would have the best time ever.

From poker nights at the Barry's to coming to every graduation.

Random calls were always my favorite b/c everytime I called her it was her voicemail I got and it was always full.

I now, more than ever would love to talk to her. Just to hear that sweet voice say my name one last time.

Here are a few more pictures I have on my computer. I hope to find more so I can post them so everyone can see the beauty Debbie held....

Those infamous poker Nights at the Barry House!!!!

(Top) Myself, Deb, and little sister Nicole

(Top) Myself, Our dad, Deb, and sister's Nicole & jamie
(Top) Our Dad, Nicole, niece Caitlin, and Deb

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