January 24, 2008

An All-Too-Brief Admirer

The following two poems are posted on behalf of Marlene Kuehfus Guerin, a very special caregiver of Deb's grandmother, Ilene Hein (Grandma Boo-boo). Marlene only met Deb on one occasion when Deb came into town (Buffalo) when she had a break in a shoot, but as with everyone else she touched, Deb's impression on Marlene went well beyond that one visit:

The Equalizer of Her Time
Debra McClinton, Photographer

She flies into town on a silver bird to shoot a site unseen.
A cultured woman with her dueling choice clutched in hand.
She has the aptitude of greatness to make larger than life
the details others over-look. Her camera readying in calm hand,
calculating. Caught in her cross hairs is a perfect image to shoot.
Already framed in her mind she looks for the exact, placement,
the colors, and the shadows. They have to be tastefully unique.
They are all part of the show she targets. Look! She aims again.
For what is she searching, that splendid, timeless moment? In that
instant, a split second is caught in view for everyone to embrace.
She zeros in on her target. Snap goes the shutter repeatedly.
This gives her options of choice, the one that tells a story.
Thinking, "As they say in theatre, 'This will knock them dead'."
She spoke with such passion. Her enthusiasm glowed, loving life.
Her laughter resonates. With her toothy smile, she captures you!
An awesome artist whose Trademark is the essence of Sensational.
Seeing her work will tantalize you to search for this shooting star.
A slip of a young woman with a camera, the equalizer of her time.
By Marlene Kuehfus Guerin
August 15, 2006

November 27, 2007

Dear Debbie,

I am deeply moved that you felt you had go away and leave us.
Who is going to care for those poor people others walk by and never see?
In all your travels, you took care of the weary winged little bird. You knew, like all creatures big or small, the need of being loved.
Living each day as tho' the last, giving of yourself before time had passed. You took flight just as the beautiful butterfly, touching each of us as a flower.
One so charming as you, how could we not expect that you would capture us so completely? You had that special something that so many of us could only hope to aspire.
As a photographer, you had a way of capturing a person in an unusually, perfect setting. However, I swear you even caught what the person was thinking. Unbelievable!
Your outstanding love and respect for family and friends everywhere will outlive us all. The wonderful family relationship you had with one another is vastly lacking today.
You proved that when you traveled out of your way to see BooBoo, waiting 2 1/2 hours on a bridge. An unexpected traffic jam for you was worth the wait just to say hi to your Gram for a brief visit.
Quickly you took pictures of your spinning top, Franky Ray, with your beloved grandmother. Prouder you could not be, for she is a replica of you, an inquisitive girl that wants to taste the world.
You came and went like a whirlwind, accomplishing more in one week than some do in a month. Fearing nothing, you embraced life with vitality that spread like sunshine to others.
Truly a moment with you and you were forever in our hearts.
I will say farewell for now Debra. I will see you when the meek ones inherit the earth.
For GOD's forgiving love we can be grateful. HE gave HIS only Begotten Son, Jesus, for us. HE will remember all the good deeds you unselfishly did for others.
In this hour of sadness may HIS Blessings bring peace to you and your loved ones.
Remembering you in tears and laughter shouts to the world, " You have lost a beautiful person!"

Fondly, An all too brief admirer,

Marlene Kuehfus Guerin"

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