December 28, 2008

Memory from Anthony G

Debra was very nice to me. I only talked to her twice, maybe three times.

Not that it matters, it really takes one time to remember her. It wasn't just because she was beautiful, she had a certain spirit that glowed beneath the surface of her skin.

Finding this tribute and watching the video was moving, emotional and very special. I could feel how powerful her spirit was thru the words that were written and the photographs that were posted. That video was amazing, it made me feel like I just got taught a lesson on how to live and especially how to smile. What a smile, such joy and energy!

How fortunate are all of you who really knew her beyond a couple of conversations. My heart goes out to you, I can feel your heartache. Although, I can say with confidence, that she will live thru your love, which is a thing that cannot be measured, but, be assured, that your love is so tremendous, it can genuinely touch a person who barely knew Debra.

I hope your grief and sorrow can eventually transform into a celebration of her life and that you can honor Debra by living your life as fully as she did.

—Anthony G