January 19, 2008

As I See You Through the Window

We discovered this poem in our 12-year-olds (Amanda's) cubby drawer in the mud room where she generally keeps most of her schoolwork. She wrote it during "writer's workshop day" at school where the kids were challenged with writing a story or poem about anything that came to mind at the time.

To give a little background---Deb was in town several years ago for a family wedding and knew that Amanda had started expressing an interest in photography. So one day she took Amanda to a thrift store and bought Amanda her first camera. Imagine the excitement of getting her first camera---and even better that it was from her cousin Deb, a famous photographer!

It goes without saying once you read the poem that Deb has touched Amanda in such a deep and profound manner. As with all of us she ALWAYS looked forward to spending time with Deb and has talked about wanting to be a professional photographer for about as long as we can remember.

As I See You Through the Window
by Amanda J.

As I see you through the window,
I see you standing there, so
peaceful and happy. I think
about the joyous times we used
to have together.

I hear many stories about you now they seem so
happy. They always seem to make us laugh and
smile even if we are down.

I remember many features about your face
from your blue eyes to your long blond hair,
which was short when I last saw you. I will
always remember those boots you used to
wear, so crazy and unique.

Although you are gone now I think about you
often, I think about you when I am sad and
happy. I am very proud of what you have
accomplished and that is why I am going to
follow in your career footsteps. - As I see you
through the window

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful poem with us.....