July 27, 2008

Most days, I do.......

I didn't forget....

I just couldn't bring myself to this page on her birthday....

I still miss her everyday and think about her everyday.....

It still breaks my heart that she will not be here to see Frankie Ray

grow up, get married, and see her grandchildren.

I breathe a litte more everyday but not as much as i used to.

I wish her happy birthday in my dreams.

As thats where she will only be...

I miss you

I miss your smile

And I still shed a tear

Every once in a while

And even though it's different now

You're still here somehow

My heart won't let you go

And I need you to know

I miss you

I miss you


Happy Birthday, to my dearly departed sister.......

July 25, 2008

B I R T H D A Y . 4 0

Last year on your birthday I called you from Tunisia. Happy birthday Debra. Now I can only call you when I'm dreaming—it's almost satisfying in its weird way—but I still miss you in the day-to-day and I miss stealing you away ...to New York, to Vancouver, to Scotland.

I couldn't remember if you had a favorite flower—but then I thought that no matter what flower I gave you, you would say it was AMAZING and the best flower ever—you always appreciated everything so much. So here is my little floral mix for your birthday.

You are missed by all.


Happy Birthday Debra

From Christabel Savalas:

Here is what I would like to say for Debra as she turns 40 in heaven.

Debra was a ray of sunshine and she spread so much warmth and light that touched everyone who crossed her path. She will always be a part of us, as she always lives in our hearts. No matter how much time passes, Debra will always be with us in spirit. She is probably busy taking photos of the angels and everything that is around in heaven.

—Love Christabel

July 16, 2008

Save the Date: Celebrating the Photography of Debra McClinton

Hi everyone: Very excited to announce that the photographer Stephanie Rausser, a dear friend of Debra's, is putting together a show of her work for Labor Day weekend, Aug. 28 to Sept. 1. There will be an opening reception on Thursday, Aug. 28. Details above; just click the photo to enlarge. Another friend, Alex, is building out the Gallery 291 site for the show. We will need people to help hang and take down the show; email Stephanie to volunteer.