December 3, 2010

From James Yuanxin Li:

Dear Debra:

You are much in my thoughts this Thanksgiving weekend. The last time we talked, it was over a plate of dolmades at the Greek restaurant in North Beach. That was such a joyful afternoon as your daughter, dressed in her princess dress, wandered amongst the small tables clutching her bright pink wand. You were so proud.

I always looked forward to going to our mutual friend’s events knowing that, halfway through the evening, you’d show up and add your boundless energy to the mix. I think I must have circled the inside of that art gallery in the Embarcadero at least four times looking at all the student artwork before you arrived. Thanks for always being willing to talk about your craft with this point-and-shoot, always-set-on-automatic photographer. You were constantly generous with your time and your words.

James Yuanxin Li