December 6, 2007

Little Debbie

The following was emailed to me by Lee Cowen. (Bart and I am happy to post for anyone -- just email your thoughts to bartnagel or azabpowell *at*

Thanks for giving her old friends from the east coast a glimpse of Debbie's life over the past few years in the Memorial Slideshow. It was very moving because it made you laugh and sad at the same time. The Little Deb (or Debbie) as we knew her growing up in Asheville, has always been an incredible person with a huge heart and a beautiful soul. People have always loved being around her because she was always so goofy and intelligent. I knew her very well before she grew up and became a beautiful woman, a loving mother and an accomplished photographer but it was obvious she was destined to achieve great things and enhance the lives of many people. I will never forget her blue eyes and that incredible smile. Her laugh was so contagious that you always laughed whenever you were around her.

One of most vivid memories of Debbie was when I taught her to drive (a manual car). If you have ever been a passenger in her car, please do not blame me. I can still hear her laughing over the horrible sound of the gears grinding. At first, her laughter was partly due to her embarrassment. As time went on, she began to truly enjoy grinding the gears and making the car stall. We were both laughing so hard we were crying. After she finally got out of first gear and we were making a little progress, she pulled off the road and stalled the car again. She had been laughing so hard she had to stop and take a bathroom break. I will miss her intoxicating laugh and her beautiful smile.

From the words of her friends, it sounds like she continued to affect the lives of everyone she met in a way that only Little Debbie could do. I have thought about her many times at various "Debbie type moments" over the last 25 years. I know I will continue to think of her at all Debbie moments in the future. She touched the hearts of everyone she met and her memory will live on in our hearts forever. I have so many questions and I know that I will never understand this tragedy but I pray she has found Peace. My thoughts and prayers are with all of her friends and her entire family.

Her old friend, Lee Cowan.

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Anonymous said...

Lee! We had been talking about you lately! i hope all is well, and would love to here from you.
Thanks for your touch!