December 23, 2007


I just found out about Debra and am stunned!

Debra was life personified for me, as for all whose lives she touched. Her enthusiasm and her laugh, her open and searching blue eyes and her flying hair, her cowboy boots. I still see her come in my shop and buy this huge armoire, she said it reminded her of the one her sister and her used to sit in ... she missed her sister a lot......
I am so sorry for everybody she left behind and so sorry for her, too, she was unhappy about being gone from home too often on shoots; when i talked about moving to Italy, she said she could never leave her family so far for so long?
She took the beautiful pictures of Sarah on the chaise lounge in the back of my store, i had asked her to help me with an advertisement for the chocolate store we were opening, and wanted an old fashioned, nauty, seductive photograph, reminding of the old sigarette pictures. I helped styling and we had a wonderful day, full of fun.
We stayed in touch and i loved her spontaneity, her freedom and saw behind her wild happiness a sorrow, a seriousness, a sadness.
She was so sensitive and so ready to help any one at all times, so personable, i always secretly wanted to be more like her. She loved Frankie so much, tried to be there for her as much as possible...
Last i emailed her, i told her we bought a house in Italy and were moving, she wrote back that we were mad, and : lets have wine some time..! I wrote back but never heard again........
Her death leaves a big void , for me she will stay alive as her voice still resonates in my head,"you are crazy!"
Yes, her voicemail was always full and it was maddening to her too, she felt flooded sometimes,she told me it was too much at times, she was tired of going on shoots far away from home, felt disconnected at times.
I miss you Debra ,i know you did not want to make anyone sad like this, ever, i am sorry for all who miss you , i hope you found your sister .....i will always love thinking of you, you inspired so many of us,

Welmoed. (gypsy honeymoon)

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