December 1, 2007

My Big Sister.....

I wish someone would wake me from this terrible nightmare.

Debbie was truly amazing. Everyone who came into contact with her wanted to be near her and be her friend. I'm lucky because she was my big sister. The person who taught me everything I know about Photography and Art. I look up to her in more ways than one. I want to be kind like her, smile the way she does, be a photographer like her, live life the way she lived life. I don't now what transpired in the last year of her life, but i hope she finds peace with all of her dealings. She inspired so many people to do good and she was the kindest person you will have ever come in contact with. Her death took all of us by surprise, espically to all of us who knew her and the way she was. She walked into the room and you knew your day would be better because she was there. When she talked to you, you were the only person in the room. She zoned in on you and only you. I attended the service in NC and I was not surprised when well ove 100 people showed up to celebrate her life. It showed me and everyone how much she was loved and that she will be greatly missed. Her spirit will live on in the life of her daughter, her work, her family and friends. I love the person she was and i will miss her more than i can say...
I miss you!

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