November 29, 2007

I miss Debra McClinton.

Photo taken the day I met Debra - after a late night
group swim at Stephanie and Lawrence's wedding.

I miss Debra McClinton.

My shock that turned to numbness that turned to anger that turned to sadness has now settled into a feeling of warm love.
The same warm love I felt the first time I met Debra McClinton. And the same warm love I felt every time I saw Debra in the following years to come. I always looked forward to any event or gathering I knew Debra would be at. I was sure to get a genuine smile and big hug. She was always looking beautiful. Catching up was oh so fun and laughs were guaranteed.

The circumstances of her departure will haunt me the rest of my life - but so too will the bright light of Debra's warm and wonderful spirit.

I love you and will miss you so very much.

Gordon Studer

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Bonnie said...

Gordon, that was beautiful.