November 27, 2007

I wish I had known about Debra's mental state when thinking her writing to me late one night at the end of September about getting together was regarding her work instead of, perhaps, her pain.  I wrote her to say "Yes - let's see each other!" and I never heard back.  I called again and never heard back.  I would have done anything in any moment to have helped her - in any way. Had I known she was in trouble, it would have been my priority. 

My heartfelt regret is that I wish I had known how close to the edge she was, but all I have ever really known about Debra was the sunshine, joy, kind soul, intense learner; her whole-hearted appreciation and respect for the advice she sought from me, what an awesome, natural babe she was.

Always remembered and never forgotten,

With love from Deb Ayerst

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