November 29, 2007

Did Debra know?...

(above: the winning images published in SPD PUB 42)

Just yesterday, as I was opening the blog for Debra McClinton sent to me by Kristen Walsh, my Associate Photo Editor (who happened to be in San Francisco and was able to attend her memorial), the Society of Publication Designers Annual Book was delivered to me by the mailroom. Published inside, is a photo spread by Debra McClinton, shot for BRIDES magazine. Once again, Debra had won us a photography award. I began to wonder: "Did Debra know how much we all adored her? Did she know how her images for BRIDES where the epitomy of style, romance, and beauty? That her pictures drove the visual identity of the redesigned magazine? That my whole staff has her photo promo cards hung at their desks as inspiration? That MIllie Bratten, our Editor-in-Chief has one of her images proudly framed and displayed in her office? Did Debra know how much she personally touched all of our hearts? That, if we could, we would've chosen her to shoot EVERY fashion story?" I wonder... and I SO hope she did.

I personally, along with everyone who worked with Debra at BRIDES magazine, will miss her infectious smile, her sparkling blue eyes, her immense enthusiasm for every story she shot for us, the fun conference calls we had with her from NYC, her cute blonde pigtails and her sense of style (those hot pink suede boots, that she insisted on wearing on the beach in mexico while shooting a cover for our special issue!)... The list could go on for pages.

Debra made her mark on all of our hearts and there she will stay—forever.

Love always,
Gretchen Smelter
and all the girls from Art, Photo, and Fashion at BRIDES magazine NYC, NY

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